Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Whatever Happened to "Blog Feud IV"?

Monpeeps, how are you? Wow! That's awesome.

Okay, you're dragging it on a bit much now. I suspect you are trying to intentionally make me feel like my life is bad, so I'm gonna just move on and get down to business. In the meantime, you could work on your tact a bit. Just a suggestion.

Back in September, me and my good friend Brent Stephen Smith engaged in a best of 5 "Blog Feud" with varying topics. I was previously undefeated in Blog Feuds, as I've been known to pick fights with people who don't respond (like back when I whooped the Ultimate Warrior).

(Chump. Straight up)

Not only did I actually engage in a blog feud this time around, I was actually the one who was challenged. The following is a round by round breakdown of an epic battle between two dudes with an extraordinary amount of time on their hands and nothing inparticular to say.

The Challenge post is located HERE

After a few weeks, we discussed the rules and what each round would entail. Here are the posts that followed:

Round 1: Write a How-To Blog

Bow - "How to Condition Your Child to Be The Perfect Moviegoing Companion"

Brent - "How to Start a Revolution"

Winner - Brent (on the strength of his post actually meaning something)

Round 2: Write a Rant

Bow: "The Buffet System is Broken, People!"

Brent: "Youtube Haterz Are The Worst People On The Internet"

Winner - Bow (just cannot be touched on rants)

Round 3: Write a Review

Bow: "Reviewing This Season's Hilarious Halloween Costumes"

Brent: "Zombie Oasis Music Review"

Winner - Bow (with the assist to "The Little Man in a Boat")

Round 4: Opponent's Choice (Shakesperean Rules = No pictures!)

Bow: "The Appeal of Lizzy Caplan"

Brent: "Abraham Lincoln: A History in Haiku"

Winner - Brent (hands down, this might have been THE post of this feud)

Round 5: The Random Wheel of Bullsh*t

Bow - "Frustration By Way Of Ottoman"

Brent - "The Game of Life is Bullsh*t"

Winner - Draw.

Which means for those of you keeping score, the whole damn thing was a draw. It was a hotly contested matchup that lasted for 5 weeks, we both brought it regularly and it was honestly too close to call.

Next year, we have already started planning our "Best of 17" series. This time...

There must be a winner!

Thanks for Reading

- jB

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