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- jB (Nov 2016)
Anyone here because of the #ReplacetheKB Contest, I wrote a special intro post for you HERE

Back to the standard "about me" :

This thing was live for 9 months before I could think of anything of substance to write here. This is what I've come up with:

I like cake. It tastes really good. Better than vegetables.

I'd like to thank my 20 person writing staff for helping me out with that. We did it, guys!

In all seriousness (don't expect to see those 3 words show up on the blog often) I do not have a writing staff, all of the content (nonsense) you read here is j.Bowman generated. I started writing this blog in a time of great personal turmoil. I had become disallusioned with the world around me and I was consumed by revenge and the unwavering need to prove myself relevent in an ever-changing landscape.

I actually did it because and I suffer from insomnia and they don't show "Coach" or "Saved by the Bell" on TV from 3-5am anymore. Occasionally yes I do sleep, I'm not a robot (and if I am, I'm a very poorly designed one) but it is very infrequent and brief. I've had the problem for years though, so I'm kinda used to functioning like that. Also I thought, although it is more accurate, "j.Bowman perpetually naps" was not a very good blog title.

I very much appreciate you being here (on earth) as well as here (on the blog page) and I hope you enjoy reading it. Far too many people take far too many things seriously and I think that's shitty. I have been told by people that know me well (both of them) that this blog paints a pretty accurate picture as to what it is like to talk to me. So if you don't like the blog, let me know so I can take it personally and shut it down because of one persons opinion. That's it for now, maybe add more later. Contact info is at the bottom. I like hearing from you fine people and I will respond to any email sent (even you, disposed Saudi Arabian prince). Now I will leave you with some stats, and thanks for reading.

I will add to this when I feel like sharing.
Name: j****** Bowman
Occupation: Decent writer / mediocre actor / terrible boyfriend
Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia Canada
Currently resides in: Above
Age: 26
Height: 6'2 (and 8/16 ths)
Marital Status: Not 30 yet. Ask again in 4 years.
Favourite Movie: I love many, but for now I'll say Jurassic Park
Favourite Music: Everything really. Check the montly playlist tab
Favourite Colour: Green
Strengths: Ability to stay awake for extended periods of time.
Weaknesses - Styrofoam, Direct sunlight, girls with accents
Favourite Position: Left Wing (get your minds outta the gutter!)
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be: Vancouver
Country you most want to visit: South Africa, Peru, Ireland
If you were to propose to a girl, how would you do it: Through Song
What do you like on your pizza: Toppings
Most distinguishing physical feature: Pale skin, eyes you could get lost in
Secret Shame - I really got into Dawson's Creek for awhile there.
Least favourite colour: Magenta (hate magenta)
Favourite Animal: Dragonzord
Least Favourite Animal: Giraffe
Preferred poison: Double Jack, Rocks. (both a drink order and statement)
Personal record for push ups: 12
Favourite Actor - Gene Hackman
Favourite Actress: ....Gene Hackman (he's really good)
Favourite Ninja Turtle: Leonardo
Hall or Oates: effin' Oates, man.
One must-have quality I look for in a girl: A good laugh.
One thing I don't look for in a girl: Penis (that's a dealbreaker, shims. Sorry)
First Concert: Our Lady Peace (1996 was a messed up crazy time)
If I could have one superpower what would it be:  Stapler hands...no wait! ONE hand is a stapler and the other hand is that sharp toothy thing that you use to pull staples out.
If you answered the above question like a normal person: Invisibility
What would you do with that power: Dunno, loiter probably
Favourite Michael Jackson song: The Way you Make Me Feel
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Bling: One ring on each middle finger, one representing hope, the other a Green Lantern ring and one on a chain around my neck representing terrible decision making.
Name of childhood stuffed animal: Fred (He was a popple, and he was awesome)
(more to come)

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Cake Recipes?
 I'm reachable in many ways. Among them:

twitter: @jBowmancouver

Electronic Mail - jbowmancantsleep@gmail.com

facebook for blog : http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/JBowman-Cant-Sleep/125694204150624
facebook personal: "my full first name" and then "bowman".

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ObsceneLantern?feature=mhum

ICQ: get in a time machine, go to 1998
MSN Messenger: get in a time machine, go to 2000
Myspace: ...never really cared for myspace. But if you were to get into a time machine, I'd suggest 2003