Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Songs of Summer 2011 (#30-21)

Much like deadbeat boyfriends and cheating girlfriends, the most important thing to do with "jams" is to "kick 'em out".

What I'm trying to say, in "non idiot" terms, is that Summer is a pretty awesome season, but without some choice tunes in your earholes, it would only be half as good. Music is crazy subjective and what's good to one person (Tom Waits) is unlistenable garbage to someone else (or in that case, everyone else). I don't talk about music that often on j.B.C.S. with the exception of "The Monthly Playist", but it is an incredible important part of my daily routine everytime I leave my house.

(Much like Summer is an important part of my day when I leave the house)

Unless I'm with you and having an actual conversation, the majority of the time I am out in public I've got my headphones on bumping my life soundtrack continuously. I feel crippled when I don't have my tunes or when (god forbid) my ipod is dead and I have to listen to the sounds of the world when I'm out in it. The world sounds just, awful. People talk in too high volumes about subjects that are way too personal and without key jams, I'd be forced to listen to it everytime I'm outside.

(These pictures don't really serve a purpose. Just google image searched "Summer")

But even so, music while an audible escape can also make things that are already awesome, like summer, even moreso. Essentially it's like porn with a really engaging plot. I can look back on moments in my life that I attribute certain songs too. These "trigger songs" are often of my own doing because there is nothing I enjoy more than making a great mix cd. I score my life with a custom soundtrack and the following scalding hot jams will represent summer 2011 from now until the apocalypse...which I'm told is next December. But what have the Mayans done lately worth being impressed about?

The following list was comprised while I was lying on Third Beach at Stanley Park in Vancouver for about 7 hours.

(This...for many many hours)

Summer 2011 in 30 Songs

(criteria - Must not be a song I already attribute to another summer or a terrible ex girlfriend)

30. The Pixies - Head On

(Best time of day to listen - 6:11 pm)

29. Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood

(Best time of day to listen - 9:30 am)

28. Adele - Rolling in the Deep

(Best time of day to listen - 5:38 pm)

27. The National - Start A War

(Best time of day to listen: 10:42 am)

26. Cee Lo Green - Bright Lights, Bigger City

(Best time of day to listen - 9:21 pm (or while watching Summerslam)

25. Sarah Harmer - I'm a Mountain

(Best time of day to listen: 12:26 pm)

24. Sugar Ray - Into Yesterday

(Best time of day to listen: 7:18 pm)

23. Pulp - Babies

(Best time of day to listen: 11:49 pm)

22. Chingon - Malaguena Solerosa

(Best time of day to listen: 4:12 pm)

21. Death Cab for Cutie - Stay Young, Go Dancing

(Best time of day to listen: 8:03 pm)

That's it for now, I'm going outside. It's beautiful out there and I've got some fresh, hot jams to kick out. Before I go, here is Summer Glau holding a shotgun.

("Summer is Hot" works on so many levels)

Thanks For Reading Listening

- jB

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