Tuesday, July 6, 2010

B.P.S. Vol. 2 - Vancouver's "Strategic Alliance"

The next Bullet Point Summary details thoughts I had while watching the Vancouver Canucks press conference announcing a new "Long Term Strategic Alliance" (pronounced "corporate sponsorship") with Rogers including re-naming "GM Place" (aka The Garage) to "Rogers Arena" (aka....GM Place)

- Rogers head and Canucks head exchange company shirts for a photo op. Rogers guy puts on a nice, crested Vancouver Canucks jersey ($129.99 cdn). Canucks representative puts on a white, long sleeve shirt with the Rogers logo on it ($12.99 cdn or free giveaway on opening night). It's like exchanging a delicious sandwich for a picture of a sandwich that only has 1 piece of bread.

- The should name the arena after a great event that happened there. I'm open to either "Canada Hockey Place", "That awesome Tool concert in 2001 arena" or "That place where I got a handy in the ladies room at halftime during a Steve Nash charity basketball game forum"

- While the online feed of the press conference was loading, an advertisement played letting me know of a contest I can enter to win Vancouver 2010 Olympic tickets. Strange they didn't mention the time travel device that would have to be included to make this relevant.

- They are obviously gonna nickname the arena "The Phone Booth". The only person who hates this more than me might be Colin Farell...or anyone who saw "Phone Booth"

- "Hello, Toronto? Yes. I need to know, did the puck cross the line? Hello? No, wait I- hello? Can you hear me now?"

-Refs no longer blow calls, they drop them.

- Whoever owns the web address for "www.fuckmessierarena.com" would've made millions if the Canucks organization had balls.

- I really wish they would stop referring to it as a "Strategic Alliance". Hall & Oates, now there is a strategic alliance.

- My campaign to rename it the "Trevor Linden Thunderdome" died a horrible, horrible death today.
"Two men enter, one man never retires"

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