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Cody Hodgson & Liev Schreiber : Two Journeys?

I can't recall ever seeing acclaimed actor Liev Schreiber and Vancouver Canucks forward Cody Hodgson in the same place at the same time.

If there exists any evidence to the contrary, please let me know.

When the Vancouver Canucks drafted Cody Hodgson back in 2008, everyone was a-flutter over how he was going to be the next Trevor Linden (if you don't know who Trevor Linden is, well, I don't have anything more to say to you. Good day!). He had the raw talent and future leadership traits that defined Trevor Linden and possessed a similar skillset that would be a huge boon to the Canucks organization for many, many years.

In addition to all that, I had another theory about him upon first seeing him on draft day:

He is actually Liev Schreiber.

(Who might also be the dude on "Big Bang Theory")

I have kept my eyes on this developing story for the last several years, only taking a break from my investigation every few months when I'd realize how stupid it is. At the moment, CoHo is playing some great hockey so the fire has been re-lit and once again I'm out to find out once and for all if they are the same person.

Here is what my crack research has uncovered as far as evidence goes (I will present both sides and you can make up your own minds):

Option A) They are not the same person.

- Schreiber is listed at 6'3, Hodgson is listed as 6'0.

- Schreiber's nickname is "Huggy", Hodgson's is "Not Trevor Linden".

- Schreiber studied acting at Yale and graduated in 1992, Hodgson was born in 1990.

- Schreiber is American, Hodgson is Canadian.

- They are very obviously two different people.

- Schreiber is in a longterm relationship with Naomi Watts, who has never been to a Canuck game (still trying to determine whether or not she has been to a Brampton Battalion game. No word yet).

Option B) They are the same person.

- CGI? It was used to radically de-age Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart in the third "X-Men" movie. Who starred in the next "X-Men" movie? Liev Schreiber! He definitely could've picked up some tips or stolen some software or something.

- Wikipedia lists Schreiber as "active" from 1991-present. Hmm...

- Schreiber is heavily involved in sports... as a narrator for numerous sports documentaries (Including HBO 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic). Point is, he is well versed in sports and hockey.

- They have never been photographed together at the same time (ace theory right there).

- I tried calling Schreiber during the Canucks/Rangers game the other night. Couldn't get ahold of him. Hmm...

- Schreiber plays a hockey player in the upcoming film "Goon".

(A-ha! Busted!)

Another seemingly solid piece of evidence for my delusional theory is that the Hollywood makeup industry has been aging people for roles for years. Not only that, they have been completely overhauling how certain celebrities look in order to convince the audience that they are entirely different people. With that in mind, is it really that crazy to imagine that CoHo can just slather on some makeup and minor prosthetics (lifts in his shoes) to transform into "Liev"?

(Forget the next Trevor Linden, the kid could be the next De Niro)

The evidence is all over Hollywood. If someone can make Leonardo DiCaprio look like an old J. Edgar Hoover or can make super hot Charlize Theron look like Jon Voight, surely someone out there can be aging Hodgson accordingly when he has to go out and be Liev Schreiber somewhere.

(I loved you in "Midnight Cowboy"!)

If this insane theory is even remotely true, this is where I believe CoHo far exceeds the expectations heaped upon him as the next Trevor Linden:

Trevor Linden was never able to moonlight as a respected Hollywood actor.

Having said that I do have my suspicions that Trevor is actually playing the costumed role of Batman in the new series of films ("He'd fight crime on crutches"). I'm fairly positive that if it is him, Christian Bale still dubs Batman's "Tom Waits-ian" growl voice because even fictional characters would be able to recognize Trev's voice.

("Why so courageous?")

So there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Either way, something is definitely strange about Cody Hodgson. This is exactly what playing well and getting in the public eye will do to someone:

Give credence to crackpot theories and awful attempts at doctoring photos to prove a point.

(But I would know nothing about that)

Thanks for Reading

- jB

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