Monday, October 18, 2010

j.Bowman can't sleep in Eastern Standard Time.

Back from Orlando, Florida.

Been there since the 10th (hence the lack of updates). What kind of hotel doesn't offer free wi-fi? Ridiculous. All those sleepless nights and no way to update the (verifies tally) 9 people who read this thing. (Those 9 now including a Spoon amongst chopsticks, a couple damn fine American folks, that dude in Holland whom I miss terribly and that purple haired south african girl who doesn't take shit from anyone). If we all work together, I think we can get this sucker up to 10 readers by the end of the year. Which would be awesome, cause the only reason I started this thing was to be able to have a 5 0n 5 charity basketball game. I believe it will happen. I'm going to go ahead and book a gym for January 2nd (I will be in NO shape to play anything other than "dead" on January 1st) and we'll all get together and ball in the first ever "j.Bowman Can't Sleep charity basketball game to end indifference: Because not caring is shitty". That would look great on a tshirt. So, you guys in? No? Well shit. I wanted to do the Thriller dance at halftime.

So as I mentioned back before I lost your attention, I was spending my sleepless nights in Orlando for the last week. (Holy shit! I just realized one of the basketball teams can be named the "Sleepless Knights"). So to make up for lack of updates, I've just changed over the Power 16, Shit 7 and Monthly Playlist for October, 20 days into the month. (My updates are never early, nor late. They arrive precisely when they mean to). I will also go deep into my archives (classy way for me to say "facebook notes") and re-post previous installments of something I've been doing since 2007: the "Reverse Thanksgiving Countdown".

I've also got loads if issues and incidents from my time in Florida, My new fued with Nestle, How Air Canada is in my good books forever, A new NBC comedy's war on...comedy, Another B.P.S. and The 2010 Edition of the "Reverse Thanksgiving Countdown". All 9 of you are in store for a very pointless final 11 days of October.

If you haven't seen them already, check out the four part season 1 of "A Lost Collection" (Hot Fuzz, Reservoir Dogs, Sixth Sense then the finale, Ocean's Eleven)

Also, feel free to check out the new (and at the moment kinda empty) j. Bowman Cant Sleep facebook page. I watched "The Social Network" and have decided that this Facebook thing ain't going anywhere. Figured if Facebook can get a president elected and Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live, perhaps it has the power to get me a girlfriend (despite Facebook's sway, some things may be too unrealistic). So why don't you stop by and see if you can resist the urge to click the "Indifferent" button.

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  1. If we hosted the basketball charity event in Haarlem, we could call the team "The Haarlem Globetrotters." What do you think!? I know, I'll just refrain from making future posts. I'm sorry. But it's still a good idea.