Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Restored Faith In Aaron Rodgers


After a video aired on WBAY-TV in Wisconsin showing Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers apparently snubbing a cancer survivor as she tried to get an autogr- You know what? fuck it. Just watch it for yourself.

Jeez, even now after the fact that is awful to watch. However if you notice I had to pull this video from youtube because the news station that broadcasted this hatchet job, WBAY-TV, pulled it from their website. I'm not sure when they decided to do that, but if I can offer a suggestion on the timing of the removal:

How about before you aired it the first time?

As I wrote my original post, entitled "Aaron Rodgers Hates Cancer....Patients?", I sincerely hoped more information would come out about this and it would seem like a big misunderstanding because I felt Rodgers was awesome. Although in the vid I can't shake the image of him just walking past her, withouth so much as an acknowledgement (which I hope was another misunderstanding and he gave her a big wave RIGHT before the footage started), One thing that has come out since this apparent slight was that...he signed a pink jersey for her a week prior. And he has signed stuff for her before. A detail that was omitted from WBAY-TV's piece. One person who left a comment on my original post (well it wasn't a comment really) it was a link to this video.

I want to point out that if this was meant as a contrarian point of view to the post, well, whoever it was botched it. You see that up there? Yes it's nice but it is also very public AND it was for the make a wish foundation. Even the biggest a-hole athletes wouldn't dare telling the make a wish foundation or childrens hospitals "no". Not exactly the stance to take when defending a guy. I bet you think Barry Bonds is a good person too?

(Guy is a saint)

And even my much loathed Mark Messier contributed to the make a wish foundation because he was born with a soul.

(Ok, I guess he isn't all bad)

Hey, how about notorious NFL asshole Randy Moss? Yep, they asked him and of course he said yes, because of the whole "soul having" thing.

(He ax the questions)

Oh and what about accused sexual assaulter Ben Roethlisberger? There is no way someone like that wo-

(Totally clears him, right?)

If you wanted to post something to disprove the post, I hate to tell you how to be a contrarian but someone has to, you should've posted this.

Aaron Rodgers funds Christmas Shopping/Pizza/Bowling for 100 kids at the Boys & Girls club. 

No cameras. None at all. And the story went unpublished. Under the radar. Such a thing didn't really come to light until just recently, obviously, BECAUSE IT IS A GREAT ARTICLE TO DISPROVE THE THEORY THAT HE IS A HEEL! I came across the Make a Wish stuff before I had posted my blog entry, but I don't think someone should be given a free pass because they said yes to an organization no sane person would say no too. It wasn't until I found that article above that I felt the need to write this response. The woman was quite upset with the backlash and ironically expressed it on WBAY-TV in a follow up piece (I'm surprised they didn't make it seem like Rodgers has hit her with a football) Needless to say I'm glad there was more to it and it's unfortunate that WBAY-TV aired that video in the first place. Who knows? Maybe Clay Matthews paid them off.

(Or threatened them...)

So yeah, I want to wrap this up by saying something about this situation. Rodgers has come out of this totally cool in my books... for the most part. I say that because nothing could've been blown out of proporition if there was nothing to misinterpret. He has done great things for that lady, and that city, and some of those fans before, but that doesn't change the 2 second clip of him just walking past her. All I will say is that a 2 second clip of him smiling or nodding or acknowledging her wouldn't have gotten NEARLY as much attention as what was shown. His stance is that he didn't see her. Okay. Benefit of the doubt given.

When I wrote the original post, I was hoping more details would come out shedding some light this and painting a much better picture of Aaron Rodgers. As I said before, for the most part it doesn't matter what an athlete or celebrity is as a person, but they should treat their FANS well. Although I feel Rodgers does, on that day, he was caught on camera possibly snubbing a FAN. She doesn't care though, and I feel bad for her and Rodgers that their prior encounters weren't mentioned in that first news piece.

I saved a bunch of Rodgers pics when I wrote the first post. Some of them were of him getting hit, others were of him being awesome. I was hoping that I would get to write a positive post about the situation and I'd be able tp use them. I have not added any of these since the first post, I've seen enough to use them and am happy to do so.

(Had to squeeze some Troy in there, he is my fave)

I'm glad enough has been unearthed that I can remain pro-Rodgers. That was a close one.

I'm still patiently awaiting several articles from Ben Roethlisberger's ex girlfriends vouching for his character and how he totally is not into sexual assault. Hell, I'd be fine with an interview with his first grade teaching confirming that he learned what the word "No" meant.

(Not helping his cause...)

(Neither is this...)

(Okay dude seriously! Stop making this so easy for people!)


None of these guys are half the charitable athletes that Daniel and Henrik Sedin are. And no, it isn't cheating because there are two of them. Wanna be in my good books forever? Donate $1.5 million to B.C. Children's Hospital. These guys are the real heroes.

(Creepy, creepy heroes)

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