Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup 2010: Random Thoughts & Observations

- I wish they'd stop referring to it as "The Beautiful Game". Everyone knows women's beach volleyball is "The Beautiful Game". Have doubts? Try masturbating to soccer.

- So...being the host city gets you in the tourney, regardless of how shitty you are. Why doesn't providing the tournament theme song get you in? K'naan's got two things wrong with him: 1. shitty negotiating skills. 2. His love for the apostrophe.

- This sport REALLY needs a barefoot guy out there. Instant favorite player.

NOTE: It was at this time that I skipped watching a game because soccer was being bullshit. The game in question, Portugal won 7-0. Cannot believe I watched 0-0 ties and didn't see a 7-0 game. There is usually only about 13 goals in the whole tournament! I took a soccer hiatus until the July 2nd Netherlands/Brazil game piqued my interest. Primarily because I couldn't sleep and there is nothing good on at 6:45 in the morning...

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