Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Blog for Writing...

I started "The blog for writing" in May of 2009. It was a secret blog (I'm sure the internet didn't even know it was displayed on it). It's primary purpose was just to write for the sake of writing. Didn't tell anyone. Used a fake name (in hindsight I probably could've done better than "Not j. Bowman". But I gotta save the good fake names for women I meet in foreign countries). Recently I figured I'd close down the Blog for Writing and start something new (which just happened to be a jigsaw puzzle). After failing to build that puzzle and dramatically throwing it into the ocean, I decided to go back to writing. With the purpose of maybe having it read this time.
Some things to know:
I love (parenthesis) and....elipses
I love sports
I love liking things
I love a good photo caption.
I take very few things seriously (which I keep trying to convince people is fine)

Hopefully you get something out of this at some point. A laugh, a smile. A solemn promise to avenge something, sometime somewhere.
Not too much to ask, I think.

Thanks for reading

- jB

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